Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our God Laughs

When does God laugh?  Can you find in scripture all the places where it refers to God laughing?  Is it because he finds something humorous or cute?  Is it a vengeful laugh when he sees the downfall of his enemies?  Is it an "I have nothing to worry about" laugh because nothing can affect him or dethrone him? 

I think that if he is given to it, God often laughs at the pride of those who serve him--especially those who proclaim a ministry "key" that will lead to effectiveness.  Perhaps I just want to laugh at them.  Perhaps I am the one who needs to be laughed at.  Perhaps it's all of the above.

We don't have anything figured out, not even the mind or the ways of the One whose mind and ways are too high for us to comprehend. 

But we can run to him.  We can depend upon his leading.  We can obey him.

If we do that, we'll be alright.

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