Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pastor Back in Prison

I just received word yesterday that the pastor who was arrested for human trafficking and in prison for two months, was just re-arrested after being set free last week.  Apparently, the village headman in his village saw that he was released and reported it to the provincial authorities, bypassing the district authorities.  They required him to be put back into prison and the money the police recieved to let him go to be returned.  It appears that the provincial authorities were trying to clamp down on corruption, assuming that the pastor's release was the result of an illegal bribe.  It is unclear if the provincial authorities are aware of his bogus arrest in the first place and the charges by which he was being held.  

We are very sad about this.  But please continue to pray for VK who is back in prison.  Thank you.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pastor Released!

I just found out yesterday that the pastor who was arrested in September has been released!  Prasie God!  A lot of people have been praying for him.  Thank you, also, for praying for him.  We pray more good news is on the way as 2010 approaches.