Monday, September 21, 2009

Pastor Arrested

Please pray for a man I'll call VK.  He is a pastor here in The Location.  He is in jail now.  He was arrested last Friday because he was going to send two young men from his village to work with us (in another province).  I just found out today.  My heart is heavy for VK.

They are accusing VK of human trafficking because he was going to send these two young men to "study" but he couldn't give them the name of the school or company.  All he gave them was the name of one of our workers.  The charges are a farse.  For one, the two young men never made it here.  They were apprehended at a bus stop and escorted back home.  Plenty of people travel for no reason (and many even for bad reasons) and are never harrassed.  But VK is someone they've been harrassing for years because of his faith.  He is one of a very few number of Christians (and one of the first) in a very unreached people group.  They can't say they've arrested him for practicing his faith, so they say he was involved in human trafficking. 

We don't know what is going to happen.  Please pray for VK.  Please pray for our worker who was named.  Please pray for us.  This could eventually all come back on us and potentially be the end of what we're doing here.  Or, it all blow over and be forgotten. 

We trust in God.