Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Types of Workers

There are two types of workers you can partner with or hire. One is very helpful; the other not so much.

Some people need you to hold their hand. Not just in the beginning. Not just for encouragement through difficult times. But always. They can't get anything done unless you hold their hand.

Do you understand what I mean by "holding their hand"? I mean you have to watch them constantly. You have to tell them what to do at each juncture. You have to say, "Here, do this," or, "No, don't do that." You have to direct them continuously. Perhaps they do very well when you direct them like this, but without your oversight, they wouldn't know what to do. If you leave them to do it by themselves, chances are things are not going to be completed. They will run into some obstacle and the work will halt until you come and tell them what to do. If you are fortunate, they will tell you when they've reached a stopping point. If you are not fortunate, they will wait for you to come and notice that things are stuck and to tell them what to do.

There is always a reason or person to blame with these kinds of workers. When the job is not completed or the goal is not reached, they will be very good to blame this obstacle or that, or blame another person, or, in many cases, blame you. They will always have a host of good reasons why it was impossible for them to be successful.

The world is full of these kinds of workers.

The other kind of workers are those who just need you to set them up, point them in the right direction and clearly communicate the goals you are trying to reach. Then they go after it. When they face obstacles, they immediately think of ways to overcome them without bothering the boss, yet still keeping the goals and values in mind. When they don't know how to overcome a particular obstacle, they come back and ask you for your help and advice. When you give them help and advice, they jump right back on it and tell you not to worry about it--they got it taken care of.

In the end, this kind of worker brings in results. They produce something from their efforts. They aren't just all talk and excuses. They make progress.

This kind of worker understands the concept of RESPONSIBILITY. And they are the ones who are going to get promoted. They are the ones who you never have enough of.

In terms of teammates in ministry, I definitely want to work exclusively with those in the latter category. Certainly some employees or volunteers will be those you have to continuously direct and that's okay. But if people are partners, they absolutely need to be people who have the initiative and motivation to produce results. If they always need you to hold their hand and do things for them, they are holding the work back.