Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on Pastor

I really don't have any news to update you with, but I know some of you have been praying and would like to know what's going on.

We have one contact who is able to give us news about VK's situation.  And the news is that nothing has changed.  The funny/encouraging thing, however, is that our contact (let's call him SK) isn't too worried about it. 

You see, here in The Location persecution is a part of the landscape for a Christian.  Getting arrested?  That's just part of the package you sign up for.  SK doesn't think anything bad will happen, apparently, but it will just take time.  VK seemed to have the same attitude when we last saw him regarding talking to the police.  It's not his first time.  When we had a dinner together with all of our disciples I asked the question, "What do you guys think--Is persecution a good thing or a bad thing?"  Before they had time to think VK spoke up and said, "Good!  It makes us strong.  It keeps us from getting fat and weak."  It was a good moment for our disciples to be a part of. 

Please continue to pray for VK.  But take heart--he is spiritually and mentally prepared for the trial is is going through.  I will let you know whenever we hear anything more.

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  1. Will continue to pray and thanks for the update. Praying for you, your family and all of the other disciples as well.