Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where are the Prayers?

Where are the prayers?  Not the things you say when you pray, but the people who pray:  Pray-ers.

Have you ever noticed that for all of the activities your church puts on, prayers meetings are the least attended?  Why is that?

I guess it's because it's just not that fun.  Honestly, that's how people feel.  No one wants to admit this or say it, but praying is something that we just don't feel motivated to go do like we do to speaking events, concerts, fellowship times, dinners and even Sunday services. 

Why is it that when it is time to eat, no one wants to be the one who prays?  Some Christians even play the game where they stick up their thumb and the last person who does so is the one who "has" to pray.  I guess whoever invented that little game figured that if they start it by being the first to stick up their thumb then they never have to be the one who prays. 

One time I was the only person who failed to stick up his thumb in a group of college Christians as we sat down to eat.  I was condemned to pray for the meal.  So I prayed, "Dear God, please forgive everyone for not wanting to talk with you and thank you for this food.  Amen." 

I too have the feeling of, "I just don't feel like praying today," when the time for a prayer meeting rolls around.  I often find myself looking for any excuse not to attend.  I am lazy and unspiritual just like anyone else.  But what I have noticed is this:  When I do attend and after I am done praying--Wow!  I feel totally encouraged by the effort!  I feel so tired going in... and then so pumped coming out.

I really think Satan doesn't want us to pray.  I think that, somehow, he makes us feel tired and unmotivated to pray, and tries to distract us when we do.  But when we kneel down and bow our hearts in front of the Almighty and consider the Authority, Power and Grace on the throne, his Holy Spirit completely revives us. 

May we all become fervent pray-ers!  It may be the most effective thing we ever do in our lives.

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