Sunday, March 14, 2010

Responding to Anonymous

On another blog I manage to ask for prayer for an unreached people group, I got the following message from Anonymous...

"Reaching out to X people"? In what way? Is there something wrong with the original religion that the X people have always carried, that is part of history? No disrespect AT ALL to ANY RELIGIONS out there, NOT AT ALL, I have faith myself, I think faith is the upmost important thing one can carry along with them in their life, so my question I guess is, why feel the need to place your personal thoughts, beliefs, and values on others if you are happy with your faith?

I don't want to get into a debate at all, but I do feel a response is appropriate.  I have responded by saying some things, but I want to know what YOU would say.  How would you respond to Anonymous?

I look forward to your input.  Thanks!


  1. Yo K,

    Long time no... write (since I've never seen you!).

    This shows the biggest flaw in the argument for "tolerance." We're supposed to "tolerate" other beliefs, even though it violates a key value of our own belief. Those who cry for tolerance fail to recognize that tolerating Christianity (and others such as Islam) means allowing their adherents to share their beliefs with others. In reality, those who cry tolerance really cannot practice it.

    Not sure if that's exactly how I'd respond, but something like that.

  2. Wouldn't quite know how to respond either, because God has to open that other person's eyes first to see THE TRUTH!

    If I believe that Jesus Christ is truly who HE says HE is, then I can do no other but to share the Good News with anyone who will listen. Whether that News is then accepted, is not up to me. Christ Himself claims to be THE WAY, the ONLY WAY! He's either deluded, crazy, or He actually speaks the Truth. I can't pick and choose what parts I believe or don't believe about Him. I must tell others this so they can truly choose HIM and not believe in lesser gods who lie stone cold in their graves. For Jesus Christ is the only Savior who has risen from the grave.