Monday, February 1, 2010

Guerrilla Lovers

My friend Vince Antonucci wanted me to relate to you that his new book, Guerrilla Lovers, just came out! Vince is also providing all kinds of cool guerrilla loving resources for individuals and churches at


  1. Oh, you name dropper you! Thanks, headed over there now. How are you?

  2. Name dropper??? I don't think Vince is that popular yet... but even if he is, I have known him since 2001, been really involved with something together, hosted him here to The Location, stayed at his house, played catch with his kid, my wife took his daughter to the zoo... etc., etc.... Have you seen what he's been doing at

  3. Oh, by the way... I'm doing fine. I am a little stressed about a couple of things but that seems to be the norm over here. Thanks for asking, though! But now, how are YOU doing???