Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Business and Missions

Four types of Business and Missions models:

Business As Missions—The business actually allows you to do ministry you couldn’t otherwise do.  The business is successful and is a platform for successful ministry.

Business For Missions—The business helps to fund missions or gives you an entrance to do ministry, but the ministry doesn’t really flow out of the business.

Business as a Front For Missions—The business is not seriously undertaken to be active or profitable, but just provides a front in hostile locations to hide the work of ministry that you are actually focused on doing. The ministry has nothing to do with the business.

Business in Spite of Missions—The business is done well and may have some positive effects, but ministry is mostly left behind in order to focus on making the business work.  (Missions as a Front For Business.)

I can live with one of the first two, but not with the last two.

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