Friday, June 5, 2009

Not Impact But Obedience

The following quote is from Skye Jethani author of the book The Divine Commodity. I saw this on another blog and liked it so much that I've posted his quote here.

"What compelled Jesus was not impact but obedience. He was nourished by doing everything his Father commanded. 'My food is to do the will of him who sent me,' he said. Whether amid an adoring crowd entering Jerusalem, or isolated in the wilderness for forty days, Jesus' single-minded obedience to his Father never wavered. His legitimacy did not come from the size of the crowd he impacted, but from the One who declared from heaven, 'This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.' With an identity anchored in his Father rather than his fans, Jesus was able to engage his mission and abandon the outcomes to God."

I don't know if I'm brave enough to "abandon the outcomes to God." You know, I'm here on a mission and there are things I wish to accomplish with the express purpose of making an impact here in The Location. I have goals to be successful in doing these things for God's kingdom and I feel I would be letting all of my supporters down by abandoning such goals and not worrying about whether or not I achieve them.

Do you see my line of thinking? This is what I'm saying:

I'm more concerned about what supporters think than I am about obeying God.

The goals I wish to accomplish for God are more important to me than the activities God might have me to do.

I am doing these things for God rather than with God.

Lord, purify my heart and let my only goal to be obedience to you.


  1. Hey K,

    "I'm more concerned about what supporters think..." Not just true for overseas guys, but those here in the States as well. Having done it that way, and now doing it sans support, the difference is... liberating.

  2. Being self funded is an awesomely freeing experience.

    Sometimes I think we think our supporters expect certain things, but maybe we just think they think that. Sorry, that was a bit non-specific. It's early still.

  3. Love this- Jesus' impact had everything to do with His obedience (not because he set out to make an impact). It always makes sense when we see through through the eyes of eternity. I am definitely with you on those questions and join you in your prayer for purity and unashamed obedience.