Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Competitive Package

A Bible college I once visited kept postings of open ministry positions on a bulletin board in their Administration building. Bible college students getting ready to graduate could peruse the postings and contact various churches to apply for a job. The postings would normally be divided into categories, such as Senior Minister, Youth Minister, Worship Minister, Children's Minister, etc.

In a posting from a large church (1,000+) for a preaching position was the following description:

We offer a very competitive package of benefits including a comfortable salary, housing allowance and vacation time.

Competitive package? With whom are they competing? Other churches? By offering a higher salary or more benefits does it help this church to attract a more spiritual pastor? Does it help them hire the person God has chosen for them?

For the would-be preacher who applies--Does a more comfortable salary and living situation indicate God's leading to preach at this church?


  1. I suppose that depends on what your idea of God's leading is.

    Some folks think God is leading them to have a Hummer and live in a mansion. There's quite a few preachers around these parts that think that.

  2. What exactly IS a comfortable salary?

    Sorry Koffijah, but that description cracked me up. It must be late. ;)

    (Oh, and I showed my daughter the bug on your site. She freaked. I'm posting a video of her tomorrow where she actually freaks out at a bug. It's in honor of her birthday. Come by and have a good laugh. Hopefully the video works!)

  3. I guess it depend on whether or not the applicant had fallen for the Prosperity (not) Gospel...

  4. I wish I could say it shocked me, but it doesn't. :)