Thursday, May 7, 2009

Into the mist...

Perhaps I should disappear into the mist.

Out of the rat race. Out of the sight of those who may or may not applaud. Out of the trap of prideful humility.

Into the lives of those I want to touch with God's healing love. Into the heart of those God has given me to love and pour myself into. Into that distant and dark place where no one desires to go where I can shine his light.

My friends are of a different race. My associates pursue different goals. My companions possess some wisdom from which I could learn... if I listen.

And at the end of the long journey... after we have long ago said goodbye... after we have been forgotten by those who saw us off... after the door back home has long been closed... we just might come to see that there are some things to discover, not only establish. The change we seek to instigate might first require a change in us. We will be used by God, and we will learn to know God in ways we never imagined.

He is bigger now. The world is smaller. His culture is not like what I had expected. My former way of life is a foreign culture... not just to Him... but to me, now, too.

Good bye.


  1. I'm not sure I understand - I haven't been here long enough. What I've heard though is what a complete culture shock it is for missionaries to come home on furlough. Farewell! Fare well!