Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maybe I'll write a book someday...

...but not now. And so that means this blog is going to be a little unorganized, follow no overarching structure, sometimes random, and... well... a blog! I am too busy now to organize all my thoughts but I want to record them, publish them and share them, so I will do so whenever I have a thought about which I want to write. Perhaps the simple act of archiving all of my random thoughts will one day allow me to organize them into a book. I would like that very much... someday.

Seriously, I would really love to publish a book. It has been a desire of mine for sometime, even as I have friends who have published books. But whenever I start to think about sitting down and organizing all of my thoughts into a book I am hit with this thought: Do it first. Do what you are wanting to write about, and do it well. Do it successfully. Then you'll really have something to write about.

Well, I have been doing it now for about 3 years, but I still feel it is just getting started. So, give me another 10 years and perhaps I'll then be ready to write... we'll see.

For now... random thoughts.

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